About Joa


Joa started his movement practice at a young age doing 400m hurdles and long jump as an athlete for more than 10 years.

He was very stubborn, wich led him to compete nationally in Spain. He was also super stiff.

Joa discovered yoga at the age of 23 to help him cope with mental health issues. It was love at first sight!

Yoga helped him not just become more flexible, but change his mindset.

He first learned yoga in Nepal & India where spirituality is a big part of the practice.

After teaching for a year in Ibiza, he then moved to London, where he continued learning and teaching yoga full-time.

After a series of injuries due to pushing too hard without proper body awareness, he discovered Mobility training which helped him improve exponentially in his movement practice, as well as building body intelligence & awareness.

Now he combines the practice of Yoga with Mobility training, and Calisthenics principles to help students build a foundation to overcome any physical & mental challenge the practice may bring.

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